For the new school year 2023/24, NOARK Electric has prepared** the third season** of its competition called NOARK FULFILLS DREAMS FOR SCHOOLS. Last year, 71 school teams from several European countries took part in the project. The main goal of the competition is for students **to develop creativity** when planning and implementing their projects.

The NOARK brand, a major global manufacturer of electronic devices and components, constantly strives to support the educational development of new generations of students attending secondary or trade schools. In the NOARK FULFILLS DREAMS FOR SCHOOLS III competition, members of the competing teams will be tasked with designing, building, and presenting a project into which NOARK products – supplied by the company to all competing teams – will be implemented.

Teams can apply to take part in the competition until 30/09/2023. Starting 1/10/2023, NOARK will start distributing packages containing its products to competing teams. The number of teams in the competition will be limited this season. There will be only 27 packages waiting for 27 schools which will be quickest to enroll in the contest. So, the quicker a school sends its application, the higher are its chances it will contend this year.

”During the previous seasons of the NOARK FULFILLS DREAMS FOR SCHOOLS competition, we have seen some amazing, innovative and surprising projects that fully demonstrated the students’ knowledge and ability to plan, build and confidently present their ideas. We therefore decided to once again support the efforts of schools to educate future professionals by announcing the 3rd year of our competition,” said (Insert name) from the NOARK Electric company and added: ”The competition will not only take place in the Czech Republic, but also in Slovakia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Romania.”

Team members and their mentors from among the teaching staff will face the task of compiling a fully functioning application which will contain at least 50 % of the components found inside each NOARK package. There are no limits to the imagination and creativity displayed by the competing teams. The presentation of every project must be recorded and sent to the following e-mail of the competition organizer - michal.zoch@noark-electric.com. Every submitted video will then be placed on the competition website www.noark-schools.com, where public voting will take place between 11/21/2023 and 12/20/2023.

Five videos with the highest number of votes will then advance to the final round of the contest, in which the jury consisting of NOARK employees will select three winning projects. The winners will be announced on 16/01/2024.

Videos from the previous two seasons are available at https://www.youtube.com/@noarkelectriceurope9080 and can serve as inspiration for this year’s potential participants. The competition rules are available at www.noark-schools.com.