Delivery claims

Distribution claims:

As a delivery complain is understood any situation when, compared to delivery note, goods were not delivered in full, some excessive amounts were delivered or there was any damaged item in the shipment.

This complaint is to be reported by the customer to the Customer Service Department of Noark Electric Europe s.r.o. in writing no later than 5 working days following the delivery. The deadline for reporting any visible defects is 5 working days following the delivery of the goods. The deadline for reporting any hidden defects is 30 calendar days following the delivery of the goods. For any complain reported outside this time frame, Noark reserves the right to decline such complaint.

Visible delivery defects:

If the consignment is visibly damaged (damaged packaging, pallet, carton), not complete or extra goods are delivered (no. of pallets for pallet delivery /cartons for parcel delivery do not match with delivery document), the consignment is taped with other tape than NOARK, pack the recipient is obliged to check the goods thoroughly before taking over and to make reservation with the transport company on the delivery document or to an electrical E-POD device signed by the driver and make photo documentation. Without these any later the complaint can’t be accepted by Noark. The report and photographs are to be sent to Noark within 5 working days following the delivery. If the complaint was recorded in the E-POD, it is no longer necessary to attach a complaint protocol. Such a complaint is recorded directly in the carrier's database.

Hidden Delivery Defects:

Hidden defect is a defect that was not clearly visible during the goods’ delivery. For example, a missing piece inside the carton, a missing carton on the pallet, a damaged item in the box, an extra item, or different item delivered than on a label. In such cases, customer is requested to send to Noark photographs showing such a defect no later than 30 calendar days following the delivery.

Types of delivery defects:

1. Non-delivered goods
The item that was ordered by the customer, was subsequently invoiced and is part of the delivery note, however customer have not received it.
Based on an agreement with customer, credit note will be issued. Alternatively, new goods will be sent at NOARK’s expense.

2. Overdelivered goods
It is goods not ordered by the customer but physically delivered. Therefore, is neither on the delivery note nor on the invoice. The customer has
the right to keep the item. Consequently, it will be invoiced to him. In the opposite case Noark is obliged, at its own expenses, to ensure goods’

3. Damaged goods
An item that is visibly damaged due to handling in warehouse or transportation before its usage. Usually it is mechanical damage.  Based on an
agreement with customer, credit note will be issued. Alternatively, new goods will be sent at NOARK’s expense.

4. Taped with other tape than NOARK
The shipment is not repackaged with original NOARK tape (see on photo). In this case, the handling of the goods by the carrier is probable. The
customer may reject the goods, with the suspicion of damage or loss of goods during transport. 

Obrázek1.png Obrázek2.png

Quality Claims Addition:

The Quality Claims concern dysfunctional products or mechanically damaged parts. The Quality Claims must be delivered to NOARK Electric Europe s.r.o., Sezemická 2757/2, 193 00 Prague 9, Czech Republic and analyzed by the Company's Product Management Department approving or rejecting the Quality Complaints following the Noark Quality Claims protocol rules.

It is necessary to send Claims protocol which contains the quality complaint number, product’s defects description, invoice number and the name of the company claiming the product. In case that a replacement of the product has to be sent, delivery address must be provided as well.

In the case of multiple claims, clear products’ identification and linking with the relevant complaint protocol is required to its approval as a Quality Complaint.

Quality Claims Procedure:

In case that the Quality Complaint concerns low cost devices with selling price under 10€/piece and the quantity of those parts is less than 20 pieces per month, the procedure will be as follows:

-	Devices will be automatically replaced / credit noted after the notification to the logistic team of Noark Electric s.r.o. 
-	These Complaints will be monthly reviewed and confirmed.
-	Faulty items will be stored (up to one year) and will be shipped appropriately referenced to its specific invoice information, the shipment
charges will be on Noark Electric s.r.o. responsibility. 

In the case that the Quality Complaint concerns devices with selling price above 10€/piece the process will be as follows:

-	Devices will be shipped to Noark Electric s.r.o. properly referenced to the protocol which contains the information required; the shipment
charges will be on the customer responsibility.
-	The credit note/replacement of the part will be provided after the analysis and approval of the product management team, in case that the
Quality Complaint is approved the shipment charges (reception and replacement shipment) will be also credited. 
-	In case that the Quality Complaint is not approved, the incoming shipment costs will not be reimbursed, and in case that the customer requires
the faulty good the returning shipment cost will be charged to the customer.
-	The deadline for claims investigation and settlement is 30  calendar days starting from the receipt of the defective products to the above